Strategical partnership SSSP / TIZEN

With a partnership started in 2014, through the development platform on SoC (System on Chip), Samsung and Weezago offer their customers the most suitable and competitive offer, thanks in particular to the SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform) broadcasting technology.

Official certified software

This partnership is further strengthened in 2018 by Samsung’s global certification program, successfully implemented by the Weezago software solution.

WEEZAGO servers hosting

Located in Paris, Scaleway is used by over 25,000 companies who choose Scaleway's datacenters powered solely by renewable energy and Scaleway's native tools to manage their multi-cloud architectures.
Scaleway enables companies to choose where to store their customers' data, the architecture that meets their needs, and to operate responsibly.

Amazon Cloudfront global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Weezago uses the content delivery network (CDN) World Amazon CloudFront. CloudFront low latency and high data transfer rate allow high and consistent service quality worldwide.

Points of sale digitalization specialist

Laurea accompanies Weezago in digitalization project thanks to its expertise in consulting, installation and maintenance of in-store screens.

Integrator of digital solutions

Iagona and Weezago collaborate on projects to digitize points of sale and transit areas of major retailers. Iagona brings all its expertise in terms of needs analysis, supply, installation and maintenance of broadcasting equipment.

Canal Music

Canal Music, a subsidiary of the NRJ Group, draws on the group's expertise to create nearly 200 different audio programmes updated each month for nearly 3,500 customers.

Real-time information application for town halls

With its information and alerts application for French town halls, Panneau Pocket offers a simple, effective solution for informing citizens in real time about local events, roadworks, road closures, changes in waste collection, and so on. Over 10,000 French local authorities have already adopted it.