Retail sector

NYX Professional Makeup - l’Oréal group - trusts Weezago and its Digital Media solution to manage the displays of their retail store network in Europe.
In Collaboration with our Graphics department, NYX designs and broadcasts instantaneous, multilanguage and multi-channel brand-name communication, enriched with geo-localized contents and customer user experience gathered from social networks.
With a deployment target above 3000 screens, ranging from 10’’ tactile to 75’’ SSSP, the NYX retail store network is a perfect example of a successful digitalization transformation.

Retail sector

L’Oréal group has chosen the Weezago Digital Media solution to manage the screens of the first L’Oréal Paris store. 14 synchronized SSSP screens allow to alternate diversified contents and immersive atmosphere. 

Boutique L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris - 62, rue Caumartin - Paris 75009 

Retail sector

With a worldwide broadcasting need, the Clarins group wanted to rely on an in-store digital display network solution along with interactive devices to enrich their retail customers experience. The Clarins group chose Weezago and our "Weezago advanced" solution to pilot their Samsung SOC display network along with the "Weezago kiosk" solution to manage Samsung tablets.

Deployed in Europe, the network extends also in Asia as well as in the middle east.

Retail Sector

With a problematic of multi-channel and multi-platform broadcasting programs, INTERSPORT group has chosen Weezago to assist the group in the digitalization of all the brand stores.
The "Weezago Advanced" solution allows INTERSPORT's communication team to instantly address more than 700 stores in France and Belgium, using Samsung SoC Tizen screens and LED walls, driven by BrightSign players.
Weezago's advertising management module also allows to plan ultra-targeted event communication campaigns.

Retail sector

In 2016, the Chaussea group was faced with great difficulties to update their in-store display network.

The park was constuted of various hardware with external players, which was managed by distinct operators with widely different  interfaces.

After a complete audit of the various solutions used, Weezago suggested to take advantage of  the "Weezago Advanced" solution, which allowed Chausséa to control their HD digital communication  in real-time, which is now in use on more than 400 LED and SSSP displays, indoors and outdoors.

The "Advertising agency" extension allows them to plan ultra-targeted marketing campains.

Retail sector

Since 2019, Vorwerk has entrusted Weezago with the management of the dynamic communication screens installed in its shops in France from its Paris headquarters.
Founded in 1883, Vorwerk is a German company that produces and sells high-end household appliances. It is particularly well known to the general public through its flagship product, the Thermomix food processor.

Health sector

In january 2010, Smart RX (ex Alliadis), french leader of, leader in pharmacy computerization in France and a subsidiary of Cegedim, acquires exclusive rights on Weezago software for the pharmacy French sector. Today, through their NTPharm network, they offer this solution over the entire French territory including more than 9,500 of their clients. 

Tourism sector

Early adopter, the Massif du Sancy Tourism Office relies for more than 10 years on Weezago to manage its Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network and diversify its points of contact. Strategically positioned with local partners, the screens broadcast tourist and advertising information aimed in particular at a majority of visitors who never enter the tourist office during their stays.

Since the beginning of the project, our expertise allows the teams of Massif du Sancy to easily manage more than 100 displays spread out over 11 towns.